Legends Re:Written Wiki

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These are the questions that are most commonly asked about Legends Re:Written. Be sure to check this page out as it has the answers to questions of new players, experienced players and veterans.

If you have any questions that are commonly asked, and you feel should be added onto this page, please talk with Dunkel doesn`t kill in the Scrumptious Studios' Discord server.

Basic Questions

"How do I play the game?"

Log into Roblox and you will be able to play Legends Re:Written.

"What does LRW and CL mean?"

LRW = Legends Re:Written

CL = Colossus legends

Since Legends Re:Written is a sequel to Colossus Legends, you may see people refer to it as CL2.

"How do I get magic?"

I recommend checking the Magic page if you want information on that, but Magic Artifacts are a common way.

"How do I drop items?"

Right click with your mouse if you're on PC. If you are on mobile then currently there is no way.

"Where can I talk with the Fandom Admins?"

To contact them just check the Fandom's Main Page, scroll down and you will see the Fandom's credits.

You can also talk with them by sending an email to lrwwiki@gmail.com.

Intermediate Questions

"What are the best magics in LRW?

The current best magics are: Light (utility, explosive and dps), Heros (stun and dps), and Z (dash, SSJ buff).

It is recommended to check out Magic Artifacts for better insight.

"What is the best Armor?"

The best armor health wise is Star Forged Leggings, Star Forged Plate, Blue Party Hat and Health/Defense Cape.

The best armor mana wise is Mystic Illusionist Leggings, Mystic Illusionist Plate, Limitless and Magic Cape/Sand Gourd.

You can mix these armors to have both fairly high Health and Mana values.

"What is the best Weapon and the best Pickaxe?"

Currently the best weapons are Enuma Elish and the Sakura Blade. The best pickaxe is the Crystal Pickaxe. Note: Enuma is valued for its V skill, which can only be activated when the Heros art is equipped.

If you don`t have either weapon yet, dual Ice Sabers are recommended instead of Katsumi.

Advanced Questions

"How long does a season last in LRW?"

A season lasts two in-game days; roughly 12 minutes from start to finish.